International Crystal Manufacturing (ICM) offers a broad range of quartz crystals, precision crystals, oscillators, filters, TCXO / VCTCXOs, and Quartz Microbalance products. Crystal, oscillator, filter and frequency control products - collage
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Typical applications

International Crystal Manufacturing Company, Inc. (ICM) manufactures in the U.S. an extensive line of custom and standard quartz crystals, oscillators, filters, precision crystals, TCXOs / VCTCXOs, Quartz Microbalance Crystals used in a wide variety of applications some of which are listed below:

Quartz crystals are basically used for accurate timing and frequency control. Quartz crystal applications include:

  • Security cameras in airplane cargo bays
  • Radio transmitters for tracking salmon, whales and other wildlife
  • Meters in gas pumps
  • Utility meters attached to your home
  • Cell phones
  • Satellite communications
  • WAN/LAN equipment
  • Test instruments on the bench
  • Instruments at the bottom of oil wells

Crystal oscillators are used in many electronic applications. Some of these applications include:

Military & Aerospace

  • Communications
  • Electronic warfare
  • Fuses
  • Guidance systems
  • IFF (Identification Friend or Foe)
  • Navigation
  • Radar
  • Sensors
  • Sonobouys

Research and Measurement

  • Astronomy and Geodesy
  • Celestrial navigation
  • Instruments
  • Medical Instrument/Devices
  • Space tracking


  • Aviation
  • Communications
  • Computers
  • CRT displays
  • Digital systems
  • Disk drives
  • Instrumentation
  • Marine
  • Mobile/cellular/portable
  • Modems
  • Navigation
  • Radio, telephone & pager
  • Sensors
  • Tagging/identification
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities


  • Engine control, stereo, clock
  • Trip computer
  • GPS


  • Cable TV systems
  • CB & amateur radio
  • Cellular & cordless
  • Color TV
  • Home computers
  • Pacemakers and other medical devices
  • Phones, pagers
  • Radio & hi-fi equipment
  • Toys & games
  • VCR & video camera
  • Watches & clocks

Precision crystals are often used in oscillators and filters that serve as higher-end stable frequency references for personal communications systems, telecom switching systems, medical equipment, cellular phones, WAN/LAN equipment, test instrumentation, and satellite communications.

QCM crystals are used as sensors to determine mass changes as a result of frequency changes. In research environments, the most common QCM crystal applications include metal deposition monitors, chemical reaction monitors, biomedical sensors, and environmental monitoring applications, etc. Other applications include detection of mass, density, viscosity, adsorption, desorption, and corrosion.

TCXOs are used in telecom timing modules, wireless systems reference oscillators (microwave, etc.), precision instruments, and other frequency sensitive applications.

VCTCXOs are often used for frequency control in tactical radios, telecom timing modules, wireless systems, phase lock loop applications, and reference oscillators.

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