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Crystal and frequency control glossary

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Abbreviation for gallium arsenide.


A measure of the ability of an antenna to receive radio frequency signals, which is related to physical size. The larger the antenna, the higher the gain and the higher the received signal level, in general. An increase in signal power denoted in dbs.


Abbreviation for gallium nitride.

Gaussian function

A mathematical function used to design a filter which passes a step function with zero overshoot with maximum rise time.


The shape of the resonator plate used in a crystal unit. There are three (3) geometrical forms available: flat, contoured, and beveled.

Geosynchronous satellite

A satellite that orbits the Earth during the same period of time in which the Earth rotates, maintaining a fixed orbit, about 24,000 miles above the Earth.


Abbreviation for Gaussian filtered frequency shift keying.

Gigahertz (GHz)

A unit of frequency equal to one billion cycles (or Hertz) per second.

Global Navigation System (GLONASS)

A Russian satellite location technology similar to GPS, global positioning system.

Global positioning system (GPS)

A series of 24 geosynchronous satellites that continuously transmit their position. Used in personal tracking, navigation and automatic vehicle location technologies. See GLONASS.

Global system for mobile communication (GSM)

A public, all-digital cellular network that is standardized worldwide and that uses TDMA techniques for multiplexing at approximately 900 MHz, compressed voice at about 13 kb/s, 16 kb/s circuit-switching technology, and error-correcting algorithms.


Abbreviation for Gaussian minimum shift keying.


Abbreviation for general-purpose interface bus.


Abbreviation for general packet radio service.

Grounded base butler

Oscillator commonly used in the range from 20 to 100 MHz. The circuit is capable of delivering high output power, has medium frequency stability. These are basically amplifiers with a tapped capacitor resonant circuit in the collector.

Grounded base butler oscillator - illustration

Group delay distortion

The difference between maximum and minimum group delay in the passband.

Group delay

The time taken for a narrow band signal to pass from the input to the output of a device.


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