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Crystal and frequency control glossary

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Abbreviation for motional inductance.

Land Mobile Communications Council (LMCC)

A trade group of frequency coordinators and associations serving private users and commercial operators.

Land mobile radio

Land mobile radio refers to two-way communication between base stations and mobile, terrestrial based mobile radios.

Land mobile service

A mobile service between base stations and land mobile stations, or between land mobile stations.

Land mobile station

A mobile station in the land mobile service capable of surface movement within the geographical limits of a country or continent.


Moving a quartz crystal slab over a flat plate on which a liquid abrasive has been poured, to obtain a flat polished surface or to reduce the thickness a carefully controlled amount.


A range of frequencies covering approximately 1-1.7 GHz.


Abbreviation for laterally diffused metal oxide silicon.


See pins.

Line of sight (LOS)

Of an electromagnetic wave, propagation in which the direct ray from the transmitter to the receiver is unobstructed, i.e., the transmission path is not established by or dependent upon reflection or diffraction.


The relationship that exits between two quantities when a change in one of them produces a directly proportional change in the other. A trade group of frequency coordinators and associations serving private users and commercial operators.


Abbreviation for low-noise amplifier.


Abbreviation for local oscillator.


The reactance value presented to the crystal by the external oscillator circuit. The power consumed by a device or circuit in performing its function. A power-consuming device connected to a circuit.

Load capacitance

The value of capacitance used in conjunction with the crystal unit. Load capacitance is a parameter specified by the customer, typically expressed in pF (picoFarads).


Load drive capability

The maximum load the oscillator can drive specified in terms of the number of gates or the type of load circuit.

Load resonance

The condition existing when a crystal unit is operated in conjunction with load capacitance. See series resonance.

Load resonance resistance (RL)

The resistance of the crystal unit in series with a stated external capacitance at the load resonance frequency.

Local multipoint distribution service (LMDS)

A system for broadband microwave wireless transmission direct from a local antenna to homes and businesses within a line-of-sight radius, a solution to the so-called last-mile technology problem of economically bringing high-bandwidth services to users. LMDS is an alternative to installing optical fiber all the way to the user or to adapting cable TV for broadband Internet service.

Logic compatibility

In the past, CMOS, TTL, and ECL oscillators were only capable of driving output loads of the same logic family. With the introduction of HCMOS logic, dual compatible oscillators are manufactured that can drive two logic families. The dual compatible oscillator's output waveform voltages are derived from HCMOS logic. The logic output exceeds the minimum voltage level requirements of TTL, and with the higher output current capability of HCMOS, these dual compatible oscillators can drive both logic families.


A communications channel from a switching center or an individual message distribution point to the user terminal. Go-and-return conductors of an electric circuit; a closed circuit. A closed path under measurement in a resistance test. A type of antenna, in the form of a circle or rectangle, usually used in direction-finding equipment and in UHF reception.

Low frequency

The part of the radio spectrum ranging from 30 to 300 kHz. A number of standard time and frequency signals are broadcast in this region, including the 60 kHz signal from NIST Radio Station WWVB, and the 100 kHz LORAN-C signals.

Low phase noise crystals

Crystals designed to have a pure spectral signal for such critical applications as communications and radar. See precision crystals.


Abbreviation for low-pass filter.

Large scale integration(LSI)

LSI (large-scale integration) meaning microchips containing thousands of transistors.


Abbreviation for low-temperature co-fired ceramic.


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