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International Crystal Manufacturing (ICM) provides monolithic crystal filters used for IF applications.

To view details about our filters and filter products, please select one of the links below:

Crystal filter product types

ICM offers one major category of crystal filters:

  • Monolithic filters – single substrate with two or more resonators that are smaller and most cost-effective for IF applications with a wider tolerance.


ICM monolithic crystal filters typically have frequency ranges from 10.7 MHz to 90 MHz for monolithic filters

If your application requires frequencies outside the above range for your crystal filter applications, please contact our crystal engineers at 1-800-725-1426.

Typical applications

Crystal filters are used in all types of electronic communication devices.


Features and benefits

  • ISO 9001:2008 certified ensures ICM customers always receive high quality reducing costly returns and reinspection while keeping production lines running as scheduled.

  • All ICM custom manufactured high end precison crystals are 100% inspected on state of the art computer-controlled test equipment, not lot inspected, to meet specifications before shipment ensuring customers receive product that functions to required specifications every time ensuring no production downtime, minimizing rework, and eliminating customer returns due to component failure of ICM products.

  • U.S.-based complete automated, state of the art, manufacturing facility providing faster request response, better customer service, and faster deliveries.

  • Total control of all precision crystal production processes on custom-produced products ensuring deliveries meet needed product specifications.

  • Family owned, on-site management, ensures customers can speak directly to the ultimate decision maker resolving problems or providing solutions quickly.

  • No minimum order ensures customers can get exactly the quantities of product they need reducing receiving, inspection, and testing costs while also reducing inventory management costs.

  • On-shore automated manufacturing of precision crystals ensures quick deliveries reducing inventory-carrying costs.

  • Ability to produce prototypes to orders of tens of thousands of units ensuring customers get exactly what they want and reducing the number of needed suppliers to one.

  • Have crystal engineers on staff to provide design, prototyping, and pre-production support eliminating the need for multiple vendors and associated paperwork costs by having a single source for specialized precision crystal expertise.


Call us today at 1-800-725-1426, fill out our contact form, email us at or request an online quote for International Crystal Manufacturing radio frequency control devices – quartz crystals, oscillators, QCM crystals, filters, TCXOs / VCTCXOs, and precision crystals.

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