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Land mobile

International Crystal Manufacturing Company, Inc. (ICM) designed the following information and cross over list to assist our land mobile or two-way communications customer to cross reference the most popular OEM reference numbers to our catalog number for both crystals and channel elements.

Crystals and channel elements

Reconditioned Channel Elements, TCXOs and OCXOs

Call Sales for pricing and availability at 800-725-1426.

ICM has been recrystalling OEM channel elements; TCXOs and OCXOs for over 50 years. Our services include not only changing the crystal frequency but full temperature compensation (when possible and required by the customer).

ICM can supply reconditioned elements or TCXOs for many types of Motorola, GE, RCA and other brands.


Services performed by ICM

All elements processed by ICM, including those supplied by the customer, are tested for proper operation. Each unit is tested for both RF output and zero ability before and after temperature compensation performance check. Where possible, compensation components are adjusted to the OEM Specification. Channel Elements that are directly modulated, or voltage controlled (vcxo, vctcxo, and vcocxo), are checked in a test fixture to ensure proper delta F. under loaded conditions.

If a customer supplied element is received that has a defect, such as a broken trimmer, it's repaired at a nominal cost. If the element has been damaged beyond repair, it will not be accepted for frequency change, and will be returned with no action taken.

Production times vary depending on element/oscillator type and other variables. An expedite service is available. Contact ICM sales current production times and pricing.


Oscillator Module Service

ICM can recrystal customer supplied oscillator modules (channel elements) used in most modern commercial two-way communications equipment. The service we offer includes the following steps:

  1. Testing the element upon receipt
  2. Removing existing crystal
  3. Installing new crystal
  4. Checking RF output and trimmability (where applicable)
  5. Zeroing to center frequency (where applicable)
  6. Testing for accuracy over specified temperature range (where applicable)
  7. Relabeling element for new frequency

The oscillator modules (elements) are checked for proper operation when received. If repair is needed (transistor, capacitor, etc.), it will be replaced at a nominal charge. An oscillator that has been damaged and/or unrepairable will not be accepted for frequency modification, and will be returned to the customer with no action taken.

After the new crystal has been installed, the module is tested for nominal frequency and trimmability at room temperature, overall frequency specifications over the specified temperature range and RF output. If the module uses a compensation network, ICM will make adjustments necessary to insure that the frequency drift due to temperature does not exceed the original manufacturer's tolerances. Some modules have the crystal and a few compensation components only, not the entire oscillator assembly; in these cases the unit is spot checked using an oscillator of the required type. In addition, some modules such as offset type units are actively modulated; these units are set up on a test fixture and tested to insure proper deviation.

ICM will evaluate questionable modules for proper operation and supply a written report of condition for a nominal fee.

For pricing and delivery of complete channel elements modules (TCXOs) refer to ICM channel elements brochure or contact ICM Sales Department.

Oscillator module recrystalling can be performed utilizing ICM's "EXPEDITED" service. Call or write ICM Sales Department for pricing and delivery times.



New and reconditioned elements/TCXOs supplied by ICM are warranted for one year on the entire element, except where obvious physical damage or user caused damage has rendered circuitry or components inoperable

Note: The ICM stock of reconditioned elements changes daily. We cannot guarantee that all types are available at all times. Please contact ICM Sales concerning availability of type and quantity of element needed.


Call us today at 1-800-725-1426, fill out our contact form, email us at or request an online quote for International Crystal Manufacturing radio frequency control devices – quartz crystals, oscillators, QCM crystals, filters, TCXOs / VCTCXOs, and precision crystals.

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