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Telemetry crystals

International Crystal Manufacturing (ICM) manufactures a broad line of custom Telemetry crystals that are designed to meet the critical performance specifications needed for the automatic measurement or recording of information at a distance from the measuring instrument.

ICM's telemetry crystals are available in fundamental, third, firth, and seventh overtones and are available in a wide variety of packages.

ICM manufactures our quartz crystals using tight production controls based on our ISO 9001:2008 certification procedures.

Telemetry crystal product types

ICM offers two major categories of quartz crystals:

  • Thru hole crystals - leaded holder typically manually installed used for more demanding applications than surface mount crystals.
  • Surface mount crystals - leadless components designed for pick and place or automatic installation


ICM custom Telemetry crystals typically have frequency ranges of 20 MHz to 80 MHz. If your application requires other frequencies, please contact our crystal engineers at 1-800-725-1426.

Typical applications

Typical Telemetry Crystal Applications

Telemetry crystals are often used for two major categories of applications - command and control, and data acquisition and monitoring.

Command and control telemetry crystal applications include:

  • Control and monitoring of rockets and spacecraft
  • Tri-band GSM (global system for mobile communications) cellular modems
  • Wireless modems
  • Small sewage treatment plant automation

Data acquisition and monitoring telemetry crystal applications include:

  • Automated sub metering
  • Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)
  • Blocked sewer alarms
  • Building management services (BMS)
  • CCA (climate change agreements ) CO2 monitoring
  • Climate change energy auditing
  • CRT (critical rail temperature) monitoring
  • CSO (combined sewer overflow) overflow alarms
  • Electricity meter reading
  • Encoded meters
  • Endangered species study and management, i.e. wolf tracking collars
  • Environmental monitoring for government, industrial and retail food service
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Gas meter reading
  • GPRS (general packet radio service) cellular hub technology
  • GSM (global system for mobile communications) flood alarms
  • HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points) food temperature auditing
  • Heat meter reading
  • Irrigation control
  • LPG gas tank and natural gas tank monitoring
  • Monitoring patient's heart activity
  • Optical port meters
  • Process & pollution monitoring
  • Radio data loggers
  • Radio food temperature monitoring
  • Radio modems for all types of data links
  • Radio Telemetry
  • Remote animal feed tank level monitoring
  • Remote chemical tank level monitoring
  • RFID Applications
  • SMS (short messaging service) meter reading
  • TPS ( traffic priority systems ) systems for buses
  • Tracking collars for hunting dogs,
  • Vehicle radio data logger & security devices
  • Water meter reading
  • Wireless AMR (Automatic meter reading)
  • Wireless flood sensors
  • Wireless meter reading for utility services
  • Wireless sensors
  • Wireless temperature and wireless humidity monitoring
  • Wireless temperature and wireless humidity transmitters, and
  • Wireless transducers.

Ordering Considerations

  1. Description of the application
  2. Temperature performance and electrical characteristics of the crystal
  3. Review of customers' design specifications

Recommended Holders

Holders are dependant on the specific customer application and requirements. ICM engineers will be glad to recommend the best holders for your specific application.

Call us today at 1-800-725-1426, fill out our contact form, email us at or request an online quote for International Crystal Manufacturing radio frequency control devices – quartz crystals, oscillators, QCM crystals, filters, TCXOs / VCTCXOs, and precision crystals.


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